Portable Gas Heater Indoor with 3 Heat Settings 1500W To 4100W, Includes Regulator

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The living flame indoor heater continues to make an excellent addition to indoor living spaces, It comes with ceramic heating plates and the built-in ignition button means there is no difficulty getting the heater started. Heated airier is approximately 730x420x270mm. Includes regulator with 50cm Hose & two clamp. Pressure is 28mbar-30mbar and Gas Consumption is Max.298g/h  Min.109g/h. High thermal efficiency camping heater will not overheat your living space. Gas heaters can be an efficient and effective heating solution.


Piezo-Electric  Pilot Ignition Mode
Infrared ,Fast Heating , Energy Saving
Flame-failure Protection Device ,With Anti-tilt Device
3 Ceramic Plates ,Three Power Setting
Power Setting: From 1.5KW To 4.1KW
Castor For Easy Moving
Space For Gas Cylinder Up To 15kg
With ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor),
Pressure :28mbar-30mbar
Gas Consumption :Max.298g/h  Min.109g/h

Product size: 730x420x270mm

Packing size: 755x445x290mm


Do not place clothes and other materials on the heater.

Keep all flammable materials at least 1 meter away from the heater.

Never use or store solvents or aerosols near the gas heater, even when turned off.

Children less than 3 years should be kept away unless under constant supervision.

Do not touch the ceramic behind the grill in the case of getting burned.


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