Baby Kitchen Toy Bag|Cutting Vegetables Food Toy|Plastic Cookware Pot& Pan Set

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Product description


Product Description:-


 Food Toy Bag Includes:-


****2 cooking pots.

****2 pot lids,

****1 pans,

****3 cooking utensils,

****1 cutting board,

****1 knife,

****1 spices box,

****1 glass,


****1 eggplant,

****cooking bag box set


Product Description:-

Toypro kitchen toy set is use to pretend a role play of cutting fruits,vegitables and making foods can enhance the baby’s fruit and vegetable, color and shape recognition. These educational toys can also exercise the flexibility and coordination of children’s hands, and improve practical ability. Let children fully experience the joy of giving and being given. It can also built an emotional relation between parents and children.

This set fits neatly in a handbag that is easy to carry and will keep toys stored neatly. An original and unique gift for 3+ years old and also a best for kinder gardens child. Perfect present for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day or New Year. This cutting set is perfect for group play as there are numerous components to share with little friends.

Food Fun scbagh !

Durable shoulder and handbag holds vegetables cooking pot, utensils, and come with cooking cutting board and knife for cutting items. A plastic Toy and knife set for children to enjoy cutting and provide maximum security for your kids .Toy bag is a storage bag and this bag will be more convenient for you to storage all the toys,We use best plastic materials. Bright and various colors can attract kids attention.


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